Why we support education

For people effected by scleroderma, the ability to continue to work is often not an option.

Scleroderma can limit a persons physical abilities. For some it may also limit their energy levels and cognitive skills. This can create stress and confusion in the work place can actually amplify their condition. The potential loss of income in their family due to scleroderma is a real obstacle and so are the costs of care, especially if they have kids who have aspirations of going on to post-secondary schooling.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to children of those with scleroderma to be able to realize their dream of higher education.

If you are in a position to be able to help a young person realize their dream of higher education, please consider donating to Scleroderma Warriors.

If you are a child of someone with scleroderma, we invite you to apply for our grant program.