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I have scleroderma

The Warrior is created by the adversity they’ve faced. Their strength and virtue come from those around them; those who have shown them the way.
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Caregivers/Friends & Family

Empathy, positivity, patience and financial management are just a few of the feelings and responsibilities caregivers face.
Allies lift up Warriors.

Scholarship Program

Promoting secondary education through grant offerings to children and grandchildren of those afflicted is a way for us to establish hope.
Continue to care. Continue to grow.

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We are excited to announce that the podcast is now available for access!

About Mogil’s Mobcast- A Scleroderma Chat:

The goal of my podcast is to have a central place for people afflicted with Scleroderma and a place for their families and friends to be informed by specialists in either Scleroderma or autoimmune topics. I will cover a wide range of topics like nutrition, medications, vitamins, and lifestyles. I will also showcase stories from others affected by Scleroderma and how they have dealt with the disease.

For additional information, you can visit my, or follow me on Instagram-mogilsmob and Facebook-mogilsmob.

Check out ongoing articles from a fellow Warrior!

Chronically Me – Amy Baker

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Check out Amys’ Column and stay up to date with her posts here:

We are Scleroderma Warriors

Scleroderma   | Skleh – ruh – dur – muh |

Scleroderma is a rare, progressive auto-immune disease in which there is currently no cure. The Scleroderma Warriors Project is a program which connects those in need of support and direction with other warriors who are experiencing or have experienced a similar journey.

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