World Scleroderma Day

June 29th is World Scleroderma Day

Those affected by Scleroderma often suffer in relative silence. Let’s lift them up on World Scleroderma Day.

Like many other auto-immune diseases, you can’t always see the pain and damage being caused by scleroderma.

In fact, people in the early years of their condition, often aren’t sure yet what the cause of their pains symptoms are. Once diagnosed, you turn the corner to being able to understand your own body and what you have been dealing with for years.

How You Can Help

There are many different ways that you can help. Here are just a few examples:

  • Wear teal. Teal is the color associated with scleroderma awareness.
  • Take the time on June 29 to post on about scleroderma Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #scleroderma in your message.
  • Learn more about scleroderma and Scleroderma Awareness Month at
  • Donate – A donation to Scleroderma Warriors goes to helping to build a support system, a community for those afflicted, and to helping provide educational grants to their children who desire to go onto higher education. DONATE TODAY!